The faces of hope. The faces of love. The faces of rescue.

Jasper cried and cried for help - and it came! 

Jinx. Thrown from a moving truck and left to die - guess who now does agility!

Declan was saved by a local Great Dane rescue and adopted as a wee pup.

Kevin is one very lucky boy. When his rear leg needed to be amputated, his owner was ready to call it quits. The veterinarians who performed Kevin's surgery decided to give him a permanent home at their clinic!

Trapped as a feral, Catarina is the sweetest, friendliest cat. And she's mine!

Cooper. Adopted from a high-kill shelter and then returned because he was frightened of being picked up. Within a very short time of being placed in a foster home, Cooper is the MOST loving boy and found the perfect home!

Thrown away - literally - by a backyard breeder. Lavender was my foster and has found a wonderful home. Oh boy, I miss this guy!

Bonnie for website.jpg

Bonnie and her mom are my neighbors. Bonnie says hello to every person and dog she meets along her daily walks. Rescued as a puppy.

This tiny baby's mom was abandoned by her family during her pregnancy. Lucky to have been born in the safety and warmth of a rescuer's home, this little one will live a happy life and never know what it is to be hungry, cold or scared.